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Cheese and cake define who we are

Given this rich heritage, a lot of us have been taught the “right way of making a good cheesecake and how to enjoy it” – bake it, don’t bake it, add extra milk in the dough, add some honey, throw in a dash of cinnamon, enjoy the cake with a cup of tea, or coffee.

Cheesecake is so complex and varied that it’s understandably easier to treat each one similarly. However, in doing so, we lose the unique story behind each variety.

Established in 2004, Cizz “cheesecake & friends” aims to relive these stories and share them with anyone who is open enough to listen, taste, smell, feel, and see. We explored hundreds of different classic recipes and bring it forward with modern techniques with hope to transform the complexity of cheesecake into stories that even a “cheesecake newbie” can understand and appreciate by translating this story into a holistic sensory experience

Our New Products
Strawberry Choco Mousse Mango Peach Mousse Banana Choco Mousse

Tempt yourself with our Strawberry Choco Mousse, and indulge on its delicate strawberry and rich chocolate taste.

Sweet cheesecake mixed with raspberry, blueberry, and passion fruit flavours. Like the rainbow, it will brighten your day after a cold rainy day.

Relish your sweet cravings with our Banana Choco Mousse, crafted with a perfect balance of banana and chocolate.

Festive Christmas with the mousses

Allow us to bring the story to share and make it “December to Remember” with your friends and family. Feel the joy of fantastic Christmas and the chill of Christmas  with your family and friends, because some people are just worth to melting for, just like the mousse.

This delicate dishes is one of the profound element in French cuisine.  France is widely recognised for its rich and great, not only the chef but also cuisine tradition. One particular  dessert is the Mousse au chocolat (chocolate mousse) a popular desserts in France which was made around Renaissance time period.

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